Solution-Focused Narrative Therapy

Online and In-person Therapy Services for Individuals, Couples and Families

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused therapy is an evidence-based approach that is effective with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, communication problems, social anxiety, substance abuse and many other concerns that bring folks into therapy. Combined with Narrative therapy, which helps to develop new perspectives on problems, this theoretically integrated approach can help to explore your preferred outcomes and  help you in the change process by creating small, manageable steps to get to you where you want to be next.  To read more about Solution-Focused Therapy, click here.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapists often say, “The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.” This is a powerful, yet simple statement. It means we can talk about a problem as something that may affect you; yet the problem does not define who you are nor does it necessarily determine the future.  Talk is not just talk- our words and language define our perspective, delineate what we can see or not yet see, determines the horizon we are able to imagine.  To read more about Narrative Therapy, click here.

Discursive-Relational Theory

A discursive-relational theoretical approach draws upon social constructionism, assemblage theory and discursive psychology to deconstruct and collaboratively evaluate the scripts, messages, language and meanings that are at work on one's sense of identity.  The therapist will explore  what "the shoulds" are telling folks to do, and discuss  other possibilities for living and being that might be more helpful.

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